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a kitchen table. but all four of us grew up middle class, yet we had opportunities to move up, do better than our parents. do we still have that sense of hope for our kids? >> i mean, you know, we have the sense of hope for our children, but what i see, you can't just make it if you try. the american dream is dead. what the american dream -- >> the american dream is dead? >> what the american dream was all about was intergenerational mobility, if you work hard and go to school, you can do better than your parents did. more and more, you will be in the class that your parents were in. that has almost become completely -- you can't get past that. that's the death of the american dream, if you're stuck in the class that your father was in, your parents were in, that's what they have in europe. >> i'm hopeful about the american dream. >> you can't deny that it's a troubling trend. i echo toure's thoughts in a way. i have a 4-year-old daughter. i don't worry so much for her because if we don't like the schools in our district, we could send her to private school. we have the means to move to
ties you to a failing education. >> the four of us at the table are an example of the american dream that's getting harder to achieve. incomes in the top 1% grew 275% in three decades. there's this recent study called the great gatsby curve nick naeld after the classic. it shows higher national income inequality leads to lower economic mobility. to take a line from the great grat sbi, the rich get richer and the poor get children. in this case 40% of those children living in poverty will never escape it. poor forever is the focus of a new bloomberg business week article by esmay dupres. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you talk about two areas, one wealthy and one impoverished. this is the kind of income inequality that you discuss here that most of us think about in sort of developing nations like brazil where there's no middle class. is this where you're saying we're headed? >> right. that's what we're seeing economists say, bridgeport, extreme pockets of wealth butting up against one another. we can learn lessons about what it's like to be there. >> she's not saying we'r
it happened. >> jeremy, thanks so much for that report. here with us now, criminal profiler pat brown, the author of "the profiler, my life hunting serial killers and psychopaths" and "killing for sport, inside the minds of serial killers." jeremy talked about he was an isolated figure. we know in psychology there are comal te aal tis of people who e things. isolated, narcissistic. what does your research show as a commonality of this type of person? >> psychopathic. you don't wake up in a bad mood and say, i will murder a pile of people. even if we are depressed, lost our job, are thrown out of school, our girlfriend or wife left or whatever. usually you go home depressed, talk to your friends. some people hang themselves in the closet. they do not commit mass murder. that is a psychopath. there is no way around it. >> i think we believe these people are generally lacking a sense of powerfulness in their life. they long for a sense of power. is that part of what's going on? and another question we have been debating. do you think these events when somebody creates a big show in killi
of the apartment through a window hoping to use those photographs to dissect what's inside that apartment so they can safely move into that unit and try to disable those explosives. in the meantime, behind me here you can see numerous fire trucks. they have had ladders extended all morning. they are here just in case the bomb squad and fire department decides to detonate whatever is inside the apartment. back to you. >> you have been speaking to residents there. what have they told you about the suspect? >> reporter: when i got on scene i talked to 10, 15 people flustered, caught off guard. they had no idea what happened at the theater miles away. police came knocking on the door and said, you've got to get out. there are possibly explosives in this apartment unit. i did talk to a couple of people who did seem to recognize him. we talked to a former bouncer at a popular neighborhood bar. the bouncer said he had very few encounters with him, that the suspect would uh show up for karaoke nights on sundays at the bar and he mainly kept to himself. at this point, we are still trying to talk to p
discussed. one that is significant for us and for your public is there will be a limiting order not quite a full gag order, but something that will include something like a gag order, information released to the press and therefore to the public. so a lot of what's in the search warrant will not be made public for a long time as this point. and from this point forward, charges one week from now and then the schedule of a preliminary hearing at which time there will be some testimony taken probably from tr both sides just as to establish there is probable cause for an arraignment. and then at that point a couple things will kick in. we'll hear about -- the clock will start for the prosecution during which they have to decide whether to go for death. and the defense will have to determine and say at arraignment when they have to enter a plea, not guilty by reason of in-issay insanity. likely be examinations. perhaps committed to the state hospital. and then a determination about whether he can assist in his own defense, understands the charges against him or needs to be restored to sanity.
on an expert to break it down for us. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer has been advising members of congress on threats to the grid as a senior member of the new task force on national and homeland security. so walk me through the most immediate threats. what do we have to address right now? >> right now we have an aging power grid as you pointed out that's not resilient and the smart grid we're going to ain't much better, why? because the bottom line is how do you create profit off the transmission of energy, how can energy be processed moved and effect tiffly used during blackout or extreme conditions. the bottom line here, just so everybody understands, everything we have, even coffee makers have chips in them and frankly if the power doesn't work, the internet doesn't work and every aspect of life ceases to function reasonably if at all, as most of us have experienced with blackout here in washington just ten days ago. >> you say that we should all be prepared to live without electricity for a week. i loved in alaska off the grid, so i'm pretty sure i can rough it. but for our city slick
and collecting money for them. yay for us. so on the cycle we have baseball. ♪ >> taxes on $43 million in income. makes you wonder if some years you pay any taxes at all. we don't know because romney has released just one full year of his tax returns and won't release anything before 2010. >> you know what, i put out as much as we're going to put out. >> what is mitt romney hiding? >> as for the other side -- ♪ some day i'll be living in a big old city ♪ ♪ and all you're ever going to be is mean ♪ ♪ some day i'll be big enough so you can't hit me ♪ ♪ and all you're ever going to be is mean ♪ ♪ why you got to be so mean >> where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters? special interest groups. where did the obama stimulus money go? $500 million taxpayer dollars bankrupt. where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china, electric cars from finland. >> 79% of the $2.1 billion in stimulus grants, awarded through, it went to overseas companies. >> i'm mitt romney. ai prove this message. >> the mean back and forth reminds me of the bench c
and put it in the jar. >> we're ope to suggestions. >> yeah. we want twitter followers tweet us some phrases that you guys hate hearing. we'll consider them, come up with a long list and next week we'll have -- >> we'll keep adding to them as we go on. here at "the cycle", we have decided that the real campaign for december begins today. i think of it as the start of the baseball game. from now until the conventions we're considering that the first three innings. from the conventions and the month of debates in october are innings four, five, and six. that makes october with both the presidential and vp debates innings seven and eight. and the first week of november will be the ninth inning. as for us, we're going to take every thursday to assess the race, look at the campaign focus, the polls, and take a look at the week ahead. so on this thursday, the president began a two-day "betting on america" bus tour in rust belt states of pennsylvaniç and ohio. meanwhile mitt romney has big named surrogates making rounds in the same towns. >> i still believe in you. i'm betting on you. and
's star player jim vandehei. thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> i promise i'm going to stop with the baseballanalogies. i'm done. >> that's all right. throw it my way. >> one stat that's sort of blowing my mind right now, over 2008 we had a 750% increase in negative political ads. you know voters claim that they hate this stuff, but what's the truth? i mean, are these negative ads working? >> they wouldn't do them if they didn't work. negative ads are significantly more effective than positive ads. if you're barack obama, you don't really have a choice. they went with this strategy. they're going to stick with it which is to go negative early and do it consistently between now and election day to try to define mitt romney in a very negative way and very unlikable way with hopes that people don't pay as much attention to the economy and what happened over last four years. you have to when you're a politician deal with the reality that you're playing in. and this reality is the economy stinks. it's unlikely to improve between now and the election day. health care, whic
on us, only at starbucks. ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family? [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at >>> could it be condy? last night drudge report claimed the mitt romney short listed former secretary of state condoleezza rice has a potential vp pick. let's put this through the spin cycle. i want to spend as much time on this as this story deserves. steve, is condoleezza rice going to be mitt romney's vice presidential pick? >> crystal? >> no. >> toure? >> no. >> i say hell no. let's move to a real story. the tenure at bain capital showed that romney was with the firm until 2002 and not 1999 as he claimed for years. since then other evidence has come to light by
. >> hey, governor rendell, hello. >> we're relying on governor rendell to join us. what do you think of our banl analogy and the swear jar? >> i leak both of them. i wouldn't say the first three happens between now and the convention. nothing relevant happens until the convention itself. >> what would you put ascii dates? >> the acceptance speeches are enormously important, the three debates are enormously important everything else, gosh, i think it's a lot ofç noise. by the 31st, people will be tuning out the ads. they'll be so sick and tired of them they'll be tuning them out. >> i hear you. we've been talking a lot on "the cycle" as everyone has been about the critical blue collar voters in pennsylvania and ohio who have really always had a problem with this president but have really moved way from them as well. what advice would you give to the president about what thos voters in particular want to hear? >> well, i'd go after them and i'd go after them strong. i think the president has a great case in ohio. those blue collar voters mostly are in manufacturing, and in ohio, manu
inside resemble ieds used in iraq or afghanistan. highly developed. also ten gallons of gasoline inside of his apartment. not only did he want an explosion but wanted a fire. and a lot of the investigator whose have seen the scene there say that it would have been both and it would have been tragic again. >> to shift gears briefly flshg colorado, background checks for people wanting to buy guns is spiking in three days since the shooting. what's going on there? >> reporter: there's no question about that. "the denver post" revealing data that shows a 40% spike in those who applied for gun permits in two days following the shooting on friday and saturday, up 40% from the last weekend. 3,000 people looking to buy a gun. also a dramatic increase in the number of people who applied for a concealed carry license. now that's driven obviously out of fear of the attacks. but we've seen it in other tragedies. a big concern that there will be stricter gun laws. a lot of people rush to buy what they can, fearing laws will change. it's something that this community's forced to deal with. >> sure. n
-sustaining growth that will give us the middle class that president obama speaks. >> jared, i want to go to you and focus on one particular aspect of this. obviously, there's a lot involved when you get a report like this, but there's something that jumps out at me and i think about every month when we get bad news like this, and that is the number of public sector jobs that have been lost since obama became president. i think it's 4,000 this month or for the last month, it's over 600,000 since 2009. it strikes me, this is something we have complete control over. these people do not have to be out of work. i just wonder, how different might the economy be, what would the ripple effect be like if we didn't have these jobs lost? >> it's a great point. the unemployment rate would be about a point lower over the past year if we hadn't lost so many of those jobs. you know, you mentioned 4,000. that's over all the three federal, state, local sectors. last month we shed 14,000 educator jobs in local government. many of those are teachers. 23 out of the last 25 months, we've shed public sector jobs. as
doctor there for columbine and colorado, tells us his heart sank. >> from toure. ordinary merges, stories suggesting some of russ programmed to be heros. >> i'm krystal ball. back to politics as usual but is the president's team shifting strategy? >> i'm steve kornacki. time for straight talk about guns. a conversation you won't hear anywhere else. >> my thoughts on this moment in history. it's tuesday july 24th and you're in "the cycle." >>> families of the 12 aurora victims are starting the solemn task of planning final farewells. the first funerals expected this weekend. over the past 24 hours four survivors released from local hospitals, 21 of the 58 shot are still hospitalized, 10 in critical condition. also learning more about the suspect's bizarre behavior. we saw him in a days in court yesterday and now reports that when police put evidence bags on his hands to preserve any gunshot residue, james holmes pretended the bags were puppets. police are searching for a motive and getting help from the fbi behavioral analysis unit. formal charges are coming monday but it will be
on us, only at starbucks. ...more talk on soal surit.. .butashiton n't lkin tohe aricapeop. fema anouncr ] hen com to e fure o medare d soal surit yove ened e rit tonow. ♪ ..o wh doeit mn foyou anyouramil [ female announcer ] you've earned the facts. ♪ washington may not like traight talk, but i do. [emalannocer a youe eaed aay. t thfact and ke yr voe hed medare d soal surit t > could it be coy? lastight ddge rort claed th mt roey srtiste foer sreta of ate ndolzza ceas aotenal vp ck. let'put ts tough the spin cycle. i want to spend as much time on this as this story deserves. steve, is condoleezza rice going to b mitt romn'sice esidtialick? >> ysta >> no toe? no >>ay hl no. let's move to a real story. the tenure at bain capital show thatomne was whhe rm uil 22 aot 99s cimed forars. sie th othvideeas comeoight byortu magane tt suorts romn's rsioof events of when and how he left the company. but bottom line is what does this story mean for the romney caaign is ijustnoth 20ide showr a real rsonorhe caaigno beconcned? have two pointsn this real quick. i don't know if romney w
this to go on this could happen to us. punishment is for the rest of the society. >> this is a horrible, horrible story. there's not a college president, a college athletic director or college football coach in the country who does not already take the lesson from what's happened at penn state that their career, their reputation, their program and the university will be shattered if they conduct themselves at all like the most powerful at penn state did. >> understand. >> at a certain level we have to keep putting penalties on. >> the ncaa says you did nothing. you let penn state and lewis freeh handle this. you don't impose any penalty. >> the death penalty you talk about has been prescribed once in the history of college sports. smu, 1986. what you had was literally top to bottom. it went from the governor of the state to parents to businessmen to boosters to players to administrators to coaches to support staff. everybody was in on a payment scheme for players that lasted for years. it was a total football scandal. >> you think the folks that are culpable have been dismissed they are
secretary of state but u.s. policy here in general. this goes back for decades. keep in mind egyptian people endured hosni mubarak for years. that was washingtoned guy. in essence the american foreign policy was to back hosni mubarak and that came at the expense of ordinary citizens. many against policy. more importantly they are seeing united states engamging with new leadership of this country and that angered some seculars and liberals here who want to see the u.s. take a slightly tougher tone when it comes to egypt. some are disappointed the u.s. is interfering too much by somewhat taking sides in the ongoing political crisis between military and civilian government. so there's a lot of disagreement, a lot of disappointment when it comes to u.s. policy here in egypt. >> all right ayman, thank you very much. certainly dising hillary about monica seems below the pail. they are channeling hillary in "political animals" debuted last night. in it sigourney weaver plays a powerful politician and former first lady who runs for the white house herself. narrowly loses the nomination and became se
candidates present and past do summer? >>> and critics say the u.s. supreme court is too activist. we've got nothing compared to other countries. in the guest spot, the world's most meddlesome supreme court. >>> firework displays are being canceled, more than 1 million people still don't have power, and that means no a.c. we'll get the facts about the forecast for the fourth. >>> all that, plus the reasons why i love america. yeah, it's okay to love america. cycle for tuesday, july 3rd, begins right now. >>> the gang's all here. what's going on everybody? what's everybody doing for the fourth? >> let's have a toast, first, to america, the country we love. it's not perfect, but it's the best country we have. >> to america. happy birthday, america. >> toast with water. >> with water. >> just way the founding fathers did it. so as we head into the independence day holiday, we begin with independent voters. now the largest voting group at least according to the pew research center, 64% say they're independent because the two major parties care more about special interests than about average amer
leadership of this country and that angered some seculars and liberals here who want to see the u.s. take a slightly tougher tone when it comes to egypt. some are disappointed the u.s. is interfering too much by somewhat taking sides in the ongoing political crisis between military and civilian government. so there's a lot of disagreement, a lot of disappointment when it comes to u.s. policy here in egypt. >> all right ayman, thank you very much. certainly dising hillary about monica seems below the pail. they are channeling hillary in "political animals" debuted last night. in it sigourney weaver plays a powerful politician and former first lady who runs for the white house herself. narrowly loses the nomination and became secretary of state. where have we heard this before. except weaver's character leaves her cheating husband. take a look. >> after 32 years of marriage you were compelled to ask for a divorce the night you conceded the nomination. >> it's not news journalists have accused me of divorcing my husband for political gain. they don't usually work for the nation's leading pap
this topic all summer. thanks, linda, for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. happy fourth. happy fourth. >> mind reading here. >>> next, it may be summer, but there's no break from all the political talk. a look at where president obama and mitt romney are this week. what, if anything, we can make of the early poll numbers and a presidential vacation scrapbook putting it through the spin cycle as we move forward on this tuesday. out of the driveway, this isn't just a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams didn't just arrive at these fires with cold water and checks to help the grown-ups start the rebuilding... they also brought thousands of these teddy bears for kids. people come first. everything else is second. [ female announcer ] allstate customers affected by the recent wildfires call 1-800-547-8676. visit a mobile claims office, your agent or that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insura
to their promise to tear down the president's signature piece of legislation. luke russert joins us now. luke, you know, it seems we've been talking about it a little bit this week. it seems from a substantive standpoint, the vote today is about as born as your average post office naming. i wonder, take us through what's going to happen this hour and does it mean anything beyond this afternoon? >> it means something in terms of optics. this is a vote that republicans scheduled the day that we heard the supreme court decision that upheld the health care law. and what republicans are doing today and the vote should be around 3:30, 3:45 is that they want to be able to say they are the party of all-out repeal the health care law. they believe that plays very well with independents. now, there is a danger in doing this with democrats saying look, people want to be more focused on jobs legislation here in the house. the republicans make the argument, no, this is in fact jobs legislation because no one will hire if this law goes through and bringing up the argument this is a vote to increase taxes if you
the law, but doesn't it feel like we're still in gridlock. former u.s. comptroller general david walker says it's time for what he calls an adult conversation about health care. which means putting our differences aside. david ran the government accountability office, served as social security and medicare trustee and leads the comeback america initiative. david, the court upheld the law, but a handful of states saying they'll continue to fight. how do we move forward to help the 50 million uninsured americans? >> well, there's no question that we need some level of universal health care in this country. but we need to be honest with the american people. the federal government has way overpromised and can't deliver on all the promises it's made. we need to focus on four points. agree on a basic level of health care, preventive, wellness, and catastrophic that we can afford and sustain. we have to also have a budget for what we spend on health care. we're the only major industrialized nation that doesn't have one. we have to move to evidence-based medicine for payments, practices, and ma
and it doesn't come back to support u.s. exports. that causes businesses who are making a lot of profits here and abroad, here by cutting costs, to take their money abroad and invest in those markets growing more rapidly. the financial sector reforms have not worked out. they're causing a lot of banks to sell out to big banks and the big banks don't stand main street's problems. they are not adept at loaning money in toledo. they don't know how to do it. don't believe the bank of america ad so to speak. >> can i take a stab at that one because i like that question. >> sure, jared. >> can we pick our questions around here? >> why not, jared. it's your show as much as ours. >> thank you. i have a simpler answer, it's a four-letter word, jo-o-b-sj-o-b. i think we're into this negative cycle. if we can take some serious action, even temporary stimulative measures on the jobs front, it would help a lot. >> you said if we could do temporary stimulus. i've been hearing that since we had the last stimulus in 2009. it seems politically impossible right now. how do you sell people on stimulus in this c
you was that mitt romney used the term obama care, which is sort of a lot of people on the left view that as a term of disparagement and he was bood. i think we might have it queued up now. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive programmatic find. that includes obama care and i'm going to reform and save -- >> okay. so -- >> organ playing. >> there's a respectful ovation for him at the end. some might say it was obligatory. the key thing was this was clearly a prepared speech. he came there intending to use the term obama care and was probably prepared for the icy reception he got. >> why is it a term of disparagement? obama is proud of it. >> romney doesn't call it romney care what he did in massachusetts. when he goes to the naacp and disparagingly uses obama care, it's a boo line, meant to get a booen an it's meant to say to white voters, look, i went to the black community and i told it to them in their face using this em to get -- to say that i'm tough. >> i want to put a little context here what tourre just said. it's a good way to start this discussion. 1996, b
in the u.s. there's a new national campaign to stop that. >> all that and my thoughts on what mitt romney must tell black america. "the cycle" for monday, july 9th starts right now. >>> all right. the gang's all here. let's take it to the table. crystal, doesn't it seem like the president is trying to put the gop in position to defend the richer americans the way he's defending the bush tax cuts issue? >> yes. he's got the tax centering on his time at bain, his attacks on the money in the swiss cayman islands. everyone under 250,000 or less, why don't we go ahead with that and then we can talk about whether for people on the higher end of the income scale we really want to move forward for a tax cut for them that would cost $850 billion over the next ten years and is the least effective form of stimulus according to the congressional budget office. >> i want to hear a little bit from the president talking about this. he's pushing to extend these tax cuts further for those who he says needs it the most, people making less than $250,000. not going to extend it for those above that threshold
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. which tells us that this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. >> all right. we will start now with nbc news foreign correspondent eamon mohyeldin and mike viqueira at the white house. ayman, you say today's attack is tactically significant. >> tactically, you've taken out the deputy minister of defense, the defense minister and a senior military officer all within the command and control structure of the military at the tip and spear of these. 0 rations to suppress the uprising. have you disrupted that to the extent that the military can not trust of who is among its midst. how did they penetrate the inner circle of the regime to carry out such a lethal explosion. even if they cannot meet to discuss out who carry out operations you get the sense of the kind of paranoia that can infiltrate the inner circles of the regime. from a psychological point of view that somebody was able to go deep into the heart of the regime with little collateral daniel no doubt is going to raise the anxiety levels because president assad, the question is how can he even meet with his
to that and sayny mention to chapter 7 would be a gateway for wen countries to use us military interventionings to force president assad out of power and that is thing they've rejected throughout this entire conflict. >> mike, take us into the white house thought process for a second. what part does the fact that this is a civil war as said by the red cross and everybody else, what part does that play. >> generally we don't intervene. civil conflicts. yes, libya, yes bosnia, but -- >> i think each ep situation really dictates by the country, by the geo politics by some of the things we were talking about earlier. you look at what president obama said and did leading up to the libya, to go back to that. moammar gadhafi's forces were simply an propping benghazi. the jeo politics involving russia and china with russia supplying syria many of its arms. now the president used moammar gadhafi's threatening speech that he was going to take them from our closs hes and take them out and shoot them as a pretense to entering the international coalition. when you look at the complicated domestic politics,
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